Macbeth is responsible for his own downfall essay

Driven by lust, Macbeth invites Duncan for a feast at his home, only by deceiving Duncan of the two faces Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Macbeth is responsible for his own downfall essay

A modern audience may feel that Macbeth is answerable for his actions as the notion of the noble soldier has dramatically changed with time. They would not feel sorry for a man who cannot be "so much more One of the advantages of watching a play or reading as book is that audiences or readers form opinions of their own.

They would not feel sorry for a man who cannot be "so much more the man" I. Macbeth starts scheming right from the start as the witches reveal the possible extent of his future rise to king. He is faced with a similar future as Banquo and yet his actions are very different.

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Banquo even warns Macbeth of "the instruments of darkness. This reversal of gender roles could have confused Macbeth but, as the previously valiant, courageous soldier, he later has no difficulty reaching past this as he continues on his killing spree having successfully killed Duncan.

He uses his position of power to commit the most heinous deeds. It is his fear of discovery that sends him into a madness that cannot be described or recognized, under the false belief that "none of woman born shall harm" him.Macbeth, the protagonist and tragic hero in William Shakespeare's Macbeth, possess blog-mmorpg.comia, named by Aristotle in Poetics, is a tragic flaw possessed by any tragic hero.

Another factor of his own downfall was his ambition; he strived to become King of Scotland that he lost all his humane emotions.

Macbeth is responsible for his own downfall essay

During the beginning of the play, the witches play an important part in what was to be the main factor of the whole play, that main factor was MacBeth’s downfall.

Macbeth was completely and solely responsible for all the acts of great evil which were to lead to his downfall, and to even suggest the blame can be shifted on his wife is ludicrous. From his very first meeting with the witches, Macbeth's mind became instantly plagued with thoughts of murder and treachery.

Macbeth, despite influences of the witches and Lady Macbeth, is responsible for his downfall. In Shakespeare ’s play Macbeth, Macbeth is a tragic hero who destroys himself by his own wicked and selfish ambitions.

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Macbeth is resposible for his own downfall because his human nature, the witches prophecies and Lady Macbeths persuasions also play a part in Macbeth's downfall.

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