How to write a recommendation letter from a professor using powerpoint

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How to write a recommendation letter from a professor using powerpoint

The template for the Hogwarts Envelope Spent a lot of time squinting sideways at my monitor setting this.

how to write a recommendation letter from a professor using powerpoint

Cut out the envelope The envelope template is a very pale grey that should just be visible on the print, but is hopefully light enough that it will be hidden by the creases. Carefully trim along the outside lines, using a penny as a template to neatly round off the corners.

General Format

The trimmed letter An awesome scalpel action shot Trimmed and ready to be creased 5. Crease the envelope I used a bone creaser to crease the envelope. If you don't have a bone creaser, the blunt edge of a butter knife will do.

Make the stamp Many people making recreations these days opt for the posh new Hogwarts seal sold by Warner Bros. Reference of the seal from the movie prop I attempted a few different materials for making the seal, but eventually settled on Fimo.

I took a two pence piece as the base and stuck a flat layer of Fimo on top, trimming it to the coin below to make a perfect circle. Blue Peter shot where we gather the materials I found a bottle cap to make the circular border on the seal, pushed it into the Fimo and gently removed it.

I then cut a small template for the Hogwarts shield and traced around it using a pen before carving the design into the Fimo with a scalpel. The finished Seal To make a clean impression you need to use a really sharp blade and carve and remove material using small V shaped cuts.

You need a steady hand and a delicate touch. When complete this needs to be baked in the oven as per the Fimo instructions, then removed being super careful not to touch the blisteringly hot coin. Take a flat piece of plastic, like you get in a blister pack, and pool some hot glue in the centre.

Take the stamp and coat it in a little cooking oil before pushing it into the hot glue. Leave it to cool slightly before lifting the Fimo out. The oil helps stop the glue from sticking too firmly to the Fimo and eases the release.

how to write a recommendation letter from a professor using powerpoint

Without oil my first Fimo stamp only managed two impressions before splitting. Don't worry, there is a plastic sheet between the hot glue and my beautiful desk. The glue becomes more opaque as it cools 8. Paint the impression A quick lick of red paint finishes the seals and makes for quite a convincing wax effect.

The slight translucency of the glue and paint adds to the waxy look 9. Assembly Now we have to bring all of the elements together: The envelope needs the side flaps to be glued to the bottom centre flap and once dry, the letter needs to be folded in half and placed within.If you need professional academic help, contact us.

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