How the internet has changed job

We used non-seasonally adjusted data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for this analysis; teen employment rises sharply in the summer months, typically peaking in July.

How the internet has changed job

As a result, many companies are starved for the k buy viagra canada ind of A-level talent they need to grow their business. So the time is ripe for you to land that next great position, whether as an executive, mid-level manager, or front-line contributor.

The path to better career opportunities is just ahead. This detailed Guide is designed to help you pave the way and land your dream job in Sales or Marketing. Too many professionals enter the job market with no game plan for their job search, other than to prepare their resume; post it on major job sites; and initiate some networking activity.

Begin by asking yourself a few things: Easy questions to answer, right? Well, not for everyone. But luckily, there are plenty of resources out there to help you, including established career counselors and outplacement firms that are known experts in career planning.

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There are also many great books available, such as the long-held classic, What Color Is Your Parachute?: No matter how you get there, having a solid plan and a clear set of job search parameters in place is a must.

Focus Your Search One of the golden rules in executing an effective job search is this: This includes the target industry, company size, location, company culture, job title, scope of responsibilities, and anything else that is important to you.

Many experienced Sales and Marketing professionals come through our offices seeking a job, without an adequate definition of what they are really looking for. When coached on improving their search focus, they often worry that doing so will preclude them from being considered for another job that they might be willing to take.

Next, build a target list of companies that fit tightly within your ideal job parameters and focus on penetrating that list throughout the course of your search.

Informational interviewing is the perfect vehicle for helping you gain a better understanding of a specific industry or company.

Industry association directories are another great source of information. And of course, a number of excellent resources exist online. You can start by visiting websites that aggregate job postings like Indeed. How do you ensure that you stand out as the best choice to prospective employers?

First, make sure your resume is clear, concise and to the point. Be careful to articulate your unique selling proposition as the ideal candidate in a measurable way. Get rid of all percentage increases and replace them with actual revenue dollars achieved, new markets penetrated, resellers signed up, new customers gained or business impact produced.

Be as specific as you can, relative to the exact position you hope to land. Is it a management position or an individual contributor role you want?

Not following this advice is one of the biggest mistakes we see talented Sales and Marketing people make.

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If so, list examples and name names. What key relationships have you developed? In a competitive job market, recruiters want to see demonstrated domain expertise and a strong rolodex. Work Your Network When it comes to landing a fantastic new gig, the power of networking is undeniable.

As a Sales and Marketing professional, you already understand the importance of networking in order to acquire new business or find new prospects. By developing a very strong networking plan during your job search, you can greatly expand the number of opportunities for new positions that come your way.

To be effective, your networking activities need to be as targeted and purposeful as the planning, targeting and packaging activities that are outlined above.

How the internet has changed job

This means a couple of things: First, make sure you try to target people who know people in your target industry and companies. Second, make sure that during your networking meetings, you clearly articulate your ideal job, and ask for their help to move you toward your stated goal.

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Make sure you rehearse an elevator pitch prior to each meeting, which includes something like this: Who do you know that might be able to refer me to this type of company or has contacts in that industry?

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The Internet has changed a lot of things over the last decade or two — including how we search for jobs. Sure, the basics are the same: Find an opening and apply for it.

But the web has permanently altered the employment process. How Job Hunting Has Changed In the Last Decade New technologies have altered the ways in which hiring managers find and evaluate applicants. By Marcelle Yeager, Contributor | .

Morgan Jackson, 18, scoops ice cream while working at Beals Ice Cream in Portland, Maine, on April Last July, % of working teens were in accommodation and food services, up . For getting hiring results, Indeed has leaped ahead of everyone in the past two years. Q: How does Indeed work? Technology Is Changing Nature of Recruiting, Job Searching.

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